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AMP’s Market

AMP has focused on the Automotive Aftermarket products and technology since since 2002. This market includes the products and services used to repair and refinish motor vehicle bodies. Additionally, AMP has supported the development across many platforms into fleet communication which includes GPS, fleet management and software applications.

 The PBE segment that AMP is concentrating on includes e-business consulting, product development and the management of national product lines as they become available. AMP’s target in the aftermarket is the paint, body and equipment (PBE) distribution channel that begins with the manufacturer and ends with collision repair shops. The shops involved in collision repair service are the consumers of these products. The PBE Jobber is the main distributor of products and re-sells directly to the repair shops.

The Fleet Communications segment of Aftermarket Partners has transformed into the small business unit of Trac NU Fleet Services. Our expertise includes fleet evaluation, software applications to support multiple fleet operations and customer service support.

Product Development

AMP is in a position to support multiple manufacturers product development needs. We assist in your company's design of a single new item or a complete private brand offering to the PBE channel. Our intention is to provide sales, marketing and product development support that will aid your company in gaining additional distribution penetration.

As the automotive aftermarket consolidates and companies downsize, AMP is in a position to provide support in the development of product line extensions, acquisition of complimentary products, including private brand development and design. A challenging economy has caused many companies to lower inventories, reduce costs and eliminate sales and marketing positions. Most manufacturers are pulling all departments together to focus on fulfilling orders, customer service expectations and competitive pricing to maintain existing business. AMP bridges the gap that has been created in your companies downsizing by supporting distribution customers in the development of appropriate sales strategies. AMP addresses options such as tiered pricing, e-marketing programs and reporting tools that will ensure your company can continue to be competitive in this challenging marketplace. 

Manufacturer Representation

Aftermarket Partners is currently supporting manufacturers in their private brand development. This type of agreement is national in scope and focused on presenting your brand to national accounts that are currently supporting private brands. AMP currently represents three manufacturers nationally:


Pacific Produx

Emgee Cleantools


A common challenge in the aftermarket is fostering workforce support for new e-commerce initiatives. The existing workforce has traditionally been focused on the marketing and sales of “hard goods” versus the growing of new business through the utilization of sales force optimization technology. AMP will assist your company to deliver e-commerce solutions to  increase revenue opportunities while controlling operating costs.

AMP’s management team believes that internet-based sales tools are essential for the aftermarket, specifically distributors and manufacturers. AMP brings to small and large multi-national companies the ability to implement e-commerce technology and sales concepts to their existing distribution partners.

Current e-commerce projects include:


Sales and Marketing
Aftermarket Partners is an affordable business solutions partner that can help your company increase product exposure, marketing presence and full line penetration into your existing distribution channel.

Sales and Marketing Services include:

• Evaluate current company and product image
• Create unified branding and identity for your product lines
• Coordinate new product launches
• Develop new product packaging
• Locate and manage outside vendors
• FAQ's and tech sheets for new products
• Develop regional and national product promotions
• Coordinate ecommerce on-line selling and marketing
• Develop sales and distribution channels
• Direct account management communication with customers and partners
• Conduct market research and competitive pricing evaluations
• Recommend supply and support to develop pricing
• Web marketing development


NEW: Develop National representation of sales and marketing teams
Based on the needs of your business, Aftermarket Partners can provide these services on a project basis or as a part of your company's long-term sales and marketing efforts. Consider our experienced staff a part of your team, dedicated to growing your business.










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