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About Aftermarket Partners

Aftermarket Partners, Inc. (AMP) was formed in 2002 by a team of entrepreneurs who had the vision to work with corporate customers to deliver new ideas, marketing concepts and sales tools that advance their business. AMP founders have worked with dozens of automotive aftermarket manufacturers to develop, launch and support durable goods, software, ecommerce solutions and information web portals.  Over the last ten years we have been fortunate to work with well-known companies in the automotive industry including Au-Ve-Co, BASF (Inventory Management), Mirka, Meguiar’s, ITW, CollisionSync, PBESolutions, SBC Software,  Emgee Cleantools, Pacific Produx, Quake Global and Network Fleet.

AMP Mission Statement
Aftermarket Partners, Inc. goal is to provide technological and distribution support services to automotive manufacturers and their distribution partners who lack the time and/or expertise to focus on sales/marketing/technology changes currently challenging the aftermarket distribution channel.

Aftermarket Partners, Inc. (AMP) is a diverse consulting company that offers more than twenty years of expertise in technology, marketing, sales and product development. We are the perfect solution to a short term problem when your field requirements exceed your internal resources ability to respond.

Aftermarket Partners, Inc. (AMP) Advantage

Aftermarket Partners, Inc. is positioned to provide development solutions catered to your company’s requirements. AMP services are supported by a solid management team with proven industry expertise. AMP can provide your company with  a blend of e-business, technological knowledge, private brand  development and aftermarket sales and marketing services.

AMP can help your company implement a simple e-commerce website, manage a long-term technology project or assist in planning your sales process. Our goal is to be a partner in your technology education so that you can sort through all the sales pitches and choose the right technology solution at the right price for your company.

AMP’s turnkey product sales and marketing programs are developed to satisfy your customer's demand for high quality, high margin branded products that can be delivered quickly to all distribution partners. Today’s competitive market requires that you constantly evaluate profitable products to maintain financial stability for you and your customer. AMP is an objective partner who can help you make these decisions without emotion.

Chris Johnson, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Chris Johnson has over 20 years of distribution experience in the automotive industry. Most recently, Chris has provided consulting services to Au-ve-co, CollisionSync, Pacific Produx, Trac NU and Emgee Cleantools. Previous engagements included; BASF, Network Fleet, Mirka, PBESolutions, Meguiar’s, Vistar and Quake Global. Prior to consulting, he was a Vice President for Ensera, a claims processing Automation Company purchased by Mitchell International in 2001. Chris served as Vice President of Meguiar’s Inc. for 11 years. Chris is a well-known face in the automotive aftermarket having served on a number of committees and boards for I-CAR, PBEA, and AAIA/PBES over the last 20 years.

Josh Strobl, Director of Business Development
Josh Strobl brings over 12 years of sales and marketing experience, with more than six years dedicated toward the automotive industry. Josh is a founding partner of the PPX Reps manufacturer sales group and was involved in the expansion effort out of Southern California, which included hiring staff and working all territories and key accounts throughout the western United States (CA, OR, WA, AK, NV, AZ). Josh has extensive experience in education and training that includes I-CAR and NESHAP Rule 40 clinics, new product launches, private brand creation and management, and strategic initiatives with distribution and manufacturers. Josh has also been actively involved with paint company regional representatives and training facilities to ensure he and his team have a good working knowledge of changes and demands within the coatings industry.

Ann Clark, Director of Marketing and On Line Communication
Ann Clark brings over 30 years in sales, marketing and customer service to Aftermarket Partners. Ann spent 10 years as an Account Executive for a San Diego advertising agency which extended her knowledge of web-based marketing, ecommerce and graphic solutions. Working with a variety of businesses has allowed Ann to successfully apply the basics of marketing to many applications and industries that Aftermarket Partners serves.

Company News

We created this news page to provide you with a few of AMP’s corporate partner projects. Due to various agreements we may not list existing corporate partnerships during on-going projects but will update these announcements as we continue to grow corporate partner business.  

June 2002-December 2006: BASF manufacturer of automotive finishes. Added AMP to their field support staff in the deployment of SmartCart and SmartCart Pro software to their distribution constituents.

2002-2007: Mirka Abrasives. Support the launch of multiple private brands into the Automotive Aftermarket.  

December 2003-2005: Network Fleet San Diego. Managed and supported sales of unique tracking hardware and software to industrial markets.

January 2006 – Current: Au-Ve-Co manufacturer of clips and fasteners for the Automotive Aftermarket. AMP assists in the marketing and sales of both Au-Ve-Co branded and private branded clips and fasteners to the PBE and Automotive retail trade.

November 2005 - 2012: CollisionSync, Inc. engaged AMP in a long term agreement to aid in the development of advertising, marketing and sales for PBE PRO's unique web based information services.

June 2005 - Current: Emgee/CleantTools, the makers of the absorber, has added AMP to their support network of marketing representatives. AMP will assist in thedevelopment and launch of unique detailing products to the professional automotive industry.

July 2006 - Current: Created, supported and launched ecommerce web service. This creative development brought together BLT, manufacturer of continuous roll industrial flooring, Ride Rugs, Parking Target and Pacific Produx in an emerging on-line marketplace for sales and service of industrial flooring.

November 2007 - Current: TRAC N U Fleet Service – Developed the re-sale partner to Verizon's Network Fleet, a manufacturer of GPS and diagnostic communication devices. Custom machine to machine communication development for medium and small fleets who want to track and manage their fleet assets.

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